10 Important Reasons To Choose Happiness Right Now

Happiness. Something we all strive for but don’t always find.

Life has taught me many valuable lessons during my 30 years on this earth. Lessons which once came disguised as pain, sadness, anger, resentment, betrayal, agony; you get the picture. One of the most the most important things I’ve learned however was this simple truth: we have the choice to choose how we feel about our circumstances and life overall.

We cannot control what happens to us nor how others will treat us but what we do have 100% control of is our mind. We have the amazing ability to make a conscious, deliberate choice to be happy regardless of what’s going on around us. It’s easy to get sucked into the negativity of this world. Turn on your television or radio and you’re almost guaranteed to hear something negative each and every time. It’s almost like we’ve been programmed for negativity since birth and have to work twice as hard to break the negative self-talk ritual.

Here are 10 important reasons to choose to be happy RIGHT NOW regardless of what you are going through:

1. You’re Alive. We could probably just stop right here because being alive should truly be enough reason to not wallow in self misery. Think of how lucky you are be here, in this moment alive and well. You survived out of about 250 million sperm..WOAH! No matter how sick, tired, or sad you are, you are HERE and you are loved beyond measure.

2. Bad times don’t last forever. A few years ago when I was suffering with severe anxiety, panic attacks, and depression, I heard from someone somewhere a few words that stuck with me forever. “Bad times don’t last forever. Life and circumstances are always changing so whatever you’re going through, it will likely pass and you will move on from it”. Hearing those words gave me hope that no matter how tough life seemed to be, if I could simply hold on a little longer, things were bound to change. And guess what, they did. They always do! if things are going good, great, enjoy them. If they’re going bad, try to still see the positives and be patient as life shifts back into gear…I promise it will!

3.You have loved ones who care and depend on you. Unless you’ve been abandoned on a desert island with no human interaction, you likely have a few people in your life who love you and depend on you. Whether it’s your parents, children, spouse, siblings, or friends, there’s someone out there whose life is better because YOU’RE here. That thought alone should be enough to make you smile, big. The last thing they want is to see you sad. In fact, I’m willing to bet that most of them love seeing you happy and are greatly affected by your mood.

4. Things could always be worse. This is self explanatory, really. I mean, take a good look at what’s going on in the world around us..It’s not exactly all rainbows and butterflies. There is one thing that you can count on though when you’re feeling down, things could ALWAYS be worse. It’s interesting how when we think of how horrible our life could be, we instantly feel silly about the things we are angry or sad about. I like to call them “first world problems”. Many of us get upset when we can’t find something to wear in our closet while there are billions of people who are living in poverty and don’t have access to the basic necessities of life such as food, water, and shelter. Let that settle for a moment. Be thankful for what you have and be happy with it!

5. Life is too short. Here today, gone tomorrow. Nothing in life is guaranteed. Our lives are fleeting and we are only here on this earth for a short period of time. When we remain in a constant state of sadness, guilt, resentment, etc…we waste precious time that we will NEVER get back. Time that could be spent with loved ones, time that could be spent making a real difference in the world, time that could be spent working on our dreams…Stop taking life for granted, tomorrow isn’t promised to you or I.

6. Happy people make others happy. Haven’t you noticed that when a happy, positive person walks in a room, their spirit seems to brighten up everyone else’s mood?  Humans are social creatures and there’s no denying that we are more drawn to positive energy than we are to negative energy. One thing that’s important to mention here is that happiness in general tends to lead to increased satisfaction in relationships. Now, I understand that you can’t always MAKE someone happy if they are choosing not to be. All you can control is yourself and through choosing happiness, others around you will be more likely to do the same.

7. It’s better for your health. This one is a no-brainer as we already know how big of an impact our emotions have on our health. Choosing happiness not only protects your heart, it also helps to strengthen your immune system. When we are happy, our body works less on producing stress hormones , giving it a greater ability to fight off infections and diseases. Not to mention, happy people tend to sleep better which leads to increased healing in our body. One extra thing that’s important to note here is the presence of aches and pains. Unhappy people are twice as likely to have pain in their body than their happy counterparts. That fact right there is enough to get me smiling :).

8. Happy people are successful & ambitious. This is probably due to their positive outlook on life and their strive to succeed and make the world a better place. We ALL came to this earth with a real purpose. Sometimes, we don’t exactly know what it is right away but through diligence, hard work, and a real passion for living, we often unexpectedly discover it and become forever transformed. People who are happy WANT to discover their purpose in life and will stop at nothing to find it!

9. Someone else out there would love to have your life. It’s true! we take our lives for granted while others may observe us and long to have the things we do. This became apparent to me as I was growing up. My family didn’t always have the money to travel and I remember a friend of mine at the time who’s parents always took her and her brothers around the world on vacation. I remember thinking of how lucky they were to have enough money to go anywhere they wanted and questioned why we never really could. during my conversation with her, she mentioned that she hated the fact that her family traveled so much because it meant being away from home and friends on a regular basis. I couldn’t believe that anyone could be sad about excessive travel! This goes to show that the things we take for granted, are often things others wish they had.

10. Happiness amplifies your beauty. This may sound like a vain reason but It’s true in many ways. People who are happy have a natural vibrancy about their spirit. They reflect so much energy and light that it’s almost impossible not to be drawn to them. Not to mention, previous studies have concluded that we are better looking when we smile and express positive emotions! When we feel better emotionally, we tend to smile more, which causes us to look better, and when we look better, we feel better about our selves…It’s a wonderful cycle and it all starts with choosing happiness.

We all have the ability to choose how we feel. Make the choice to feel happy right now, this minute no matter what it is you’re going through and just know that you are not alone! <3


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