Exogenous Ketones – A complete beginner’s guide


What are Exogenous Ketones?

The Ketogenic dieting world has been buzzing with developing information about exogenous ketones and how they can benefit their diet.

This guide aims to provide easy to grasp information about exogenous ketones.

what does Exogenous mean:

Exogenous describes something that is developed from external factors that is something produced in a unique way from the usual method. In terms of ketones, this means that exogenous ketones are synthetic – created outside of your body by scientist and then ingested for accelerated ketosis.

Ketones are organic compounds produced by the body when your system experiences starvation which causes slow consumption of carbohydrates and increased fat metabolism which inhibits a starvation-like state that produces ketone bodies.

They are produced because they are ideal as a slow burning fuel source for you body and brain. Studies have revealed that the body in a ketogenic state will efficiently convert oxygen to produce energy,

TL;DR: Exogenous ketones are ketone supplements. They are artificially produced outside your body and ingested instead of produced by your body.

Why should you take Exogenous Ketones

Exogenous ketones can increase flexibility in what you can eat, decrease the burden of a strict ketogenic diet and can also help you get back into ketosis faster than natural ketosis.

5 Reasons to use Exogenous ketones

Athletic performance:

Studies have revealed the effects ion ketosis and ketone bodies on athletic performance.
Dr. Dominic D’Agostino proposed that Navy SEALs who use oxygen respirators while training underwater, could benefit from exogenous ketones while underwater. This is because the respirators used by the divers can cause oxygen toxicity to the brain, which can cause seizures. Dr Agostino explained the effects exogenous ketones had on the brain, preventing the formation of free radicals which may cause neurological failure.

Another study by Dr. Peter Attia proved that exogenous ketones can actually improve output and stamina for prolonged athletic activity. The advantage of exogenous ketones was further displayed at the Tour de France when rumours of leading riders using supplements raised concerns…

Exogenous Ketones have been shown in most performance studies to improve metabolic efficiency which in essence mayor body is using

Exogenous ketones are available as liquid, powder or pill form depending on what suits you b best.
Ketones are not the best tasting supplements in the market
They have a s….

Powdered form of Ketones are the most convenient and tolerable to consume. They are easier to travel with between work, gym and can be mix with other supplements or ingredients making them ideal for protein shakes and other meal replacement diets.

Top 5 Exogenous Ketones

Navy seal divers Rebreather causes seizure due to high pressures underwater envioment deep below the sea level
Neutrons in the brain when subjected to high pressure and oxygen are over stimulated learning to reduction in brain energy metabolism

These oxygen seizures occur with little or no warning.

Ketogenic diet compared to the normal diet are very low in carbohydrate but very high in fat.

Most importantly, ketogenic diet controls seizures when drugs fail.

Used for paediatric epilepsy

The ketogenic diet is effective on a number of neurological diseases including Glucose Transporter Type 1 deficiency Syndrome. Children with this disorder lack the ability to transport glucose to the brain and this has major potential to cause a seizure.
The brain is capable of adapting to using Ketones rather than glucose as an alternative fuel source.

Therapeutic applications of ketones are wide because nearly all healthy cells in the body can use ketones for fuel.

Surprisingly, cancer cells lack the ability to transition from using glucose for fuel to using ketones.
They are damaged hybrid engines. They use large amount of glucose compared to normal functioning cells.

Sugar addiction is really the achilles heel of cancer cells.
Sugar addiction has been observed by Nobel prize winner Otto Warburg(1931)
Sugar cells are damaged in their metabolism which causes large sugar uptake.
Cancer has been proven to be a metabolic defficiency

Can we manage cancer with non-toxic strategies?
future treatments and prevention of future diseases may have to fall back on ancient wisdom such as Hippocrates:
“Let food be thy medicine” Hippocrates

Hyperbaric oxygen and ketogenic diet have been proven to be effective in managing cancer.
The study describes the therapeutic effect of a new, non-toxic, alternative approach to cancer management.

Naval research



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