Pantogar specific treatment for hair and nails review

    pantogar specific treatment for hair loss review

    The Pantogar – Specific treatment for hair and nails claims to do two things: Perfect treatment for both your hair and your nails. Could this be true?

    Pantogar is a highly effective hair therapeutic for treatment of female hair loss and hair structure lesions via cellular metabolism, its special combination of amino acids, proteins and vitamin B (Biotin) supplies hair with the nutrients required for its hair growth and improves hair quality and resistance to DHT – Read here to know important hair product ingredients and benefits.

    Well lets see this unbiased review from sophie-one of the readers of this site:

    “I had being diagnosed with scalp psoriasis for two years. during that time my hair suffered greatly.i went from having long and healthy hair to brittle and rapid hair loss. Of course it was damaging and therefore affected my looks greatly. The pharmacist recommended pantogar which was $60 per pack so roughly $360 per month and within 3 months of using it i can say it helped greatly. my hair stopped falling as much as it used to now my hair is growing back while looking fuller, shiny and well nourished”


    • Can be used by male and female
    • Repairs hair damange
    • Helps the nails grow faster
    • Prevents alopecia and hair baldness

    It’s a bit pricey.

    You may notice yeast infection which is ease off further down the line. This has been raised by some of our members.

    Your body hair may grow rapidly, even more than the desired hair on your head – that alone should let you know that Pantogar does grow hair.

    “I’ve never had to shave so frequently and I hope that effect doesn’t last now that my treatment is over.”


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    Although it is sold in the US,this product is made in Germany.

    Pantogar acts like a therapeutic agent for both hair loss and slugish nail growth. It contains amino acid,keratin which helps to diffuse hair loss and makes the nail grow.

    Each pack contains 90 capsules


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    The Pantogar – Specific treatment for hair and nails is a one fix for your hair and nail growth issues. It helps to improve the structure of your hair,increase the resistance of your hair to mechanical and chemical damage that might be caused by sunlight. It also strengthens the hair while improving any nail growth disorder by increasing its elasticity.


    4.2/5 star


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