Best Hair Supplements for Women to reverse Hair Loss in 2018 -Based on ingredients and reviews


A long, healthy and lustrous hair is every woman’s dream as it is often associated with being attractive. But at some point in our lives, we begin to lose hair due to inadequate nourishment, stress, pregnancy or damage and our natural hair plan is hindered. This can lead to low self esteem and confidence.

To improve your hair quality for a more thicker, fuller hair, growth supplements are the solution you need.

With the number of products being launched everyday, each differently branded and promoted by various celebrities, it is getting increasingly difficult to pick a supplement that works.

The right supplement will nourish your hair from the insides i.e the cells and hair follicles, as well as protect the hair strands from discoloration and thinning. It should improve hair length and should deliver results in stated time. 

What is a hair growth supplement?

hair growth supplements contain essential nutrients which the body may be lacking as a result of choice of diet, genetics, pregnancy, stress or other diseases. They are often recommended by a dermatologist or health specialist to reverse the effect of hair thinning and hair loss. When combined with hair growth products, moisturizing shampoo or conditioner, they are capable of giving amazing results in not time provided prescriptions are followed diligently.

This list was compiled based on individual ingredients of the supplement as well as real test reviews from purchasing customers.


Hairfinity by BrockBeauty:

A popular supplement endorsed by famous celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Taraji Henson to name a few. A rich mixture of vitamins and hair friendly biotin, amino acids and collagen boosting silica for a healthy scalp and fuller hair. 

Hairfinity promises a rich, shinier and thicker hair within 30 days due to it’s capilsana complex which boost the hair with 18 active amino acids to promote nutrient supply to the hair follicles. You can get up to 1 inch growth within 1 month compared to the regular 1.2 inch growth. It is similarly priced at $72 for a pack of 60 or the sweet chewables for just $32

Viviscal Extra strength:

The number #1 selling hair vitamin in United states is one that is backed by yearsof research and patented formulas. It contains Vitamin C, Biotin, horsetail extract, millet seed extract, iron and AminoMar marine complex. Viviscar has been specially formulated for stress induced hair loss according user’s review. It works by improving the length of growing stage of the hair strands (Anagen phase) which is often shortened temporarily due to stress or hormone changes.

By balancing DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) produced, Viviscal is able to effectively reverse hair loss in women. It is currently priced at $100 for 60 tablets


Propidren by Hairgenics

HairAnew by Naturenetics: This is a popular vitamin and biotin rich supplement formulated to rejuvenate hair growth. When you begin noticing thinning hair and bald spot patches, it is likely you don’t have enough vitamins in your body.  HairAnew promises to not only reverse hair thinning but also improve and oxygenate your scalp skin for a healthy looking hair, nail and skin.

It contains Vitamin B3, B4, B5, C, E –  which acts as antioxidants to strengthen hair follicles. Other ingredients are Kelp, inositol, zinc, silica, biotin and bamboo extract which aid to effectively convert nutrient to useful energy and aid hair growth.

HairAnew, unlike it’s competitors is moderately priced at $28 for 60 capsules and promises customer satisfaction within 60 days or your full money back! 





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