Everyone loves to look good and astonishing, applying cleansers or moisturizers to look spotless and to have that envious face. But sometimes, these applications could be harmful to our skin and even be the cause of our problems. 

    That is why, “Skin Fasting” is very advisable, it gives the skin some breathing space. Our skin produces Sebum, a substance that reduces dryness of the skin because of its oily nature and helps rejuvenate the skin. When we stay clear off products and applications for a while, it helps repair the face naturally.

    Why You Should Adopt Skin Fasting

    There are so many reasons why you should give your skin a break;

    1. You could have been using the wrong product all along or the product may not be compatible with your skin anymore. Going on skin fasting would open your eye to truths you hadn’t noticed. 
    2. Some products are harsh to the skin, when used consistently, they could irritate, burn and mess up the skin. Skin fast reduces the constant using of products.
    3. Skin fast helps the skin to recover from irritation and over-exfoliating skin.
    4. As much as make-ups could boost our confidence level, we can say that staying without an application allows us the freedom of being ourselves without worrying about whether it rains or shines.

    If it rains, our make-up gets washed off and if the sun shines, we could get patches from sunburns.

    While in this process, make sure to take enough water and stay hydrated. Staying hydrated is not just good for the tummy or digestion, it also works wonders in keeping the face refreshed and rejuvenated.

    Another thing is, just in case you get pimples or anything, worry less and allow the benefits of skin fasting take its course. 

    Take up the challenge today, give your face a break for a week.


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