5 Acne Fighting Food Tips

Fighting acne can be a constant struggle for teens and adults. But there are many small steps you can take to help keep your skin clean and looking great, including making smart decision what foods and beverages you put in your body.

  • Fish in your diet: Zinc is an essential mineral found in fish that helps control the release of hormones and helps your body absorb healthy skin-encouraging vitamin A.

  • Replace milk and cheese: Anabolic hormones and insulin stimulation from dairy products have some researchers saying you should stay away from milk and cheese if you are fighting acne. Try almonds or rice milk instead.

  • Selenium: While it’s not the most well-known antioxidant, selenium can be found in wheat germ garlic, eggs, brown rice, tuna and salmon and when paired with vitamin E, can improve your skin’s acne-fighting abilities.
  • All about Agua: There are many health-improving aspects of getting enough water, and keeping your skin, hydrate is only one of them. With plenty of water your skin can regenerate faster and can flush problem causing toxins from your body.

  • Be For Beta: Beta carotene is another healthy skin promoter that can be found in many orange and yellow fruits and vegetables.


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