Aroma Housewares Awk-165M 1.7 L Electric Water Kettle, Stainless Steel

Aroma Housewares Awk-165M 1.7 L Electric Water Kettle, Stainless Steel

There are many brands of electric kettle out there and you may be a little confused on the best brand or product that will serve you completely boiled hot water much faster than a regular hot pot. Everyone deserves a quality electric kettle in their home not just for coffee but to make other simple breakfast recipes like oatmeal, instant soup, noodles and so much more.

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We recently purchased the Aroma glass electric kettle and decided to write a thing or two about why we think it’s one of the top kettles to buy right now.

The box contains:

  • Electric kettle
  • Kettle base
  • Instruction manual

Right out of the box, the aroma electric kettle measures about 9 inches tall and 9 inches wide.

The unit felt very sturdy in the hand – it has a steel and glass body with a plastic lid and handle so barely any water comes in contact with the plastic. It has water level markings on the side in number of cups on one side and litres marking on the other side. This makes it very convenient when you will be making tea for family members or friends. According to the instructions, you should fill water in the kettle cup no more than the maximum marking.

Inside the box is also a 30 inches corded wire base separably from the kettle itself. This cable can be carefully wrapped around the base for storage.

To operate the aroma electric kettle:

  • Press the button on the handle to open the lid
  • Fill with water to the max line and close the lid
  • Plug the unit in and turn the dial to boil – You can have a medium boil or full boil all the way to the right.
  • Push down the switch to turn the unit on. A blue light will illuminate when the kettle is in operation. When full to the max line (approx. 7 cups of water), the aroma kettle takes about 7 minutes to come to a full boil
  • Once the kettle reaches full boil, the illuminated blue light will go off.

Making our first hot tea, we noticed the aroma kettle has an automatic shut off switch which is just great for added safety and convenience. Once the water came to a full boil, we poured the water carefully into our tea cup and there was barely any spill due to the spout of the jug which is actually removable for cleaning.


Some safety instructions in the manual recommend to boil and discard your first boiled water to get rid of any plastic or chemical smell which we didn’t happen to notice – we did it anyway.

Avoid putting any other liquid that is not water into the kettle

The steel and glass part do get hot when the kettle is in operation so be careful when in use.

Distilled water is recommended for this kettle but filter water is fine.

if there is any scale built up in the kettle after a few use, you can add some few cups of water with vinegar






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