Check out Ariana Grande shocking new haircut post breakup

Nothing inspires you for a new hair do like a breakup. We all know Ariana Grande recently broke up with Pete Davidson and dropped a smashing hit “thank you, next” immediately after.

Ariana grande hair change

The recently single 25 year old has channeled the breakup to inspiration to creative music and a new bob haircut which has got everyone obsessed. She immediately took to Instagram today to share her hair change with her 135 million followers (the picture had no caption – see it below). 

This drastically different hairdo she shared on social media earned big reactions from her fans and followers.

Ari has been quite public in the past about how hard it was to regrow her hair after dying it so much during her acting days but it looks so healthy now

The question on everyone mind is if the ponytail will be doing a come back or is the hair gone forever? After all, it’s nothing a few extensions can’t fix.

She’s proving that she’s not one to shy away from a new hair style every now and then, the rare occasion that she wears it down, pulled back in a headband or dyed in ultra bright colours.

Let us know in the comments some cool hairstyles you’ll like to try out.

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