Diet soda and ketosis: what to drink

Diet soda and ketosis: what to drink

Ketosis is the process where your body uses fats in the food we eat to produce fuel/ energy for the body rather than carbohydrate. The ketogenic diet is deliberately forcing the body to maximize fat metabolism through the food we eat. For what to eat on a ketogenic diet, see our LCHF foods list.

Diet Soda on a ketogenic diet – Can you drink it on Keto?

One of the primary objective of the keto diet is to manage ailments and lose weight so the question often come up as to what type of soda is healthy for consumption that will not take you out of ketosis.

High-carb soft drinks, such as Coke, Pepsi, fruit juices, and other sugary carbonated drinks can all kick you out of ketosis, but diet sodas such as Diet Coke, diet mountain dew, Pepsi Max, and other sugar-free carbonated drinks fit in with a ketogenic diet.

How Can Diet Soda Not Affect My Ketone Level?

Depending on the individual, diet sodas made from artificial sweeteners may or may not trigger an insulin response and the only disadvantage is the new cravings for sweet food that will occur. We’ve found no other peer-reviewed clinical study claiming any dangers with diet soda(if you do, please leave links in the comments). We found however, that diet soda made from sucralose leave very little of this insulin response.


So, then, where should your carbs come from for fulfilling the 20g-50g range? The best foods to eat on a ketogenic diet which contains carbohydrate is vegetables, nuts, and seeds. These all have small quantities of carbs, and they soon add up to 50g and more so you will need to work out a keto diet plan.

There are many bad sources of carbs and sweet foods such as candies, desserts, and sodas itself. Also from starchy food sources, such as rice, bread, pasta, potatoes, and even pizzas. As long as you can maintain your daily carb intake of no more than 50g, you can reach your fat loss goals on keto diet.

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