Flawless Womens Painless Hair Remover BY Finishing Touch – Does it work? (Review)

Flawless Womens Painless Hair Remover BY Finishing Touch  – Does it work? (Review)

Whether you want to get rid of a peach fuzz, stubble on your upper lip, chin, cheeks by waxing or tweezing. None will feel as convenient and painless as the Face massager called Flawless.

The finishing touch flawless remover is the tool that every woman needs in her purse as it gets the job done without any redness, soreness, irritation.

Basically Flawless! So enough with the salesy talk from it’s TV Adverts.


Does it really work?

We got our hands on the product ordered off Amazon and used it for a few days. It cost about $19.99 + $5 shipping.

Right off the box, we noticed it’s compact and durable build, let’s go into the proshair_remover_stickPROS

  • It’s designed to look like a tube of lipstick which conceales it nicely in your purse. The manufacturers went over the top adding an 18k gold plating to the body so don’t expect it to be totally hidden from your nosy friends that want a go at all your nice things.
  • Ease of Use: As mentioned earlier, we liked that you could turn this device on with little more than a press of a button. It comes with a built-in light for convenience during operation.

To operate the device, you move the round disk head in a circular motion over the hair bit you will like to remove and “KABLAM!”, in a single sweep, we actually got it to remove a stubble on my lower chin.

It does pick up the smallest stubble on the face without waiting for it to grow out.

As it is so portable, I reckon it will be TSA friendly as well and won’t raise any alarms while in your purse. You can keep it in your hand bag on your next vacation.


Now onto the cons. I will like to point out now that after carefully studying this device, i should tell you that it is nothing more than a razor well concealed in an expensive case. Don’t take any impressions from the adverts to be true, this device works like a normal razor should so i would treat it as one going forward.

  • How long does the AA battery last? Right on the packaging and on Amazon, the device needs 1 AA battery to operate. But nowhere does it say how long on average this device should last. I believe they’ve sold more than 500,000 of this device. surely they know how long it last right out the box but it’s a hidden information. Do you know why? You guessed it.
  • Ease of cleaning: Now, Just using this device once, i noticed a Flaw (no pun intended). product residue, skin cells, hair and other bacteria stuff removed by this device does not magically disappear, they do get stuck somewhere as with most razors. This device can only be pulled apart at it’s head and it comes with a brush so you will have to make do with that for sanitary purposes. I will rather throw this device away after a couple of use so as not to cause acne damage to my skin due to bacteria.


If you are looking for function and style – a device that can be carried easily in one’s purse, then i think the flawless hair remover is for you.

Since we’ve learned that the Flawless device works like a single electric spinning razor to remove hair instantly and painlessly, we searched Google for “women’s electric face razor” and found the following results (chosen at random to provide a broad cross section of the competition):



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