Health and Beauty Tips for Proper Foot Care

Health and Beauty Tips for Proper Foot Care Every day we take for granted the one body part that literally carries us through our life. We rely on it to take us to our favorite places and to see our favorite people. Years of wear and tear can be hard on feet. Disease, bad circulation, poorly trimmed toenails and even poorly fitting shoes can cause serious feet problems.

* A proper fitting shoe can actually help prevent many foot problems. When buying shoes follow these simple tips to make sure your shoes fit properly. health and beauty
* Your shoe size can change as you age, before buying new shoes always have your feet measured and make sure to measure your feet at the end of the day when your feet are their largest. Make sure to fit your shoes to the largest of your two feet if one is larger than the other.
* Never buy shoes you have not tried on first, the size marked may not be 100% accurate.
* Before buying, walk in the shoes to make sure the fit feels right and choose shoes shaped like your feet. High heels and pointed toes can hurt your feet, try low heels for are more comfortable, safer and less-dangerous fit.
* Stand up while trying on shoes and make sure there is ½ inch from the end of your toe and the shoe.
* Ensure the ball of your foot fits comfortably in the widest part of the shoe, check to make sure the heel of the shoe does not slide up and down in the shoe when you walk and never buy shoes that are too tight hoping they will stretch. health and beauty
* Choose shoes where the upper part of the shoe is made of a soft bendable material so it can mold to match the shape of your foot.
* Choose shoes with soles that give solid footing and do not slip. Thick soles cushion your feet when walking on hard surfaces.

It is very important to practice good foot care. One easy health and beauty tip for your feet, put your feet up while sitting down to keep the blood moving to your feet. Stretching, walking, gentle foot massages or foot baths can also be helpful. Always make sure your feet are dry before putting your shoes and avoid sitting for a long time or keeping your legs crossed for too long as this impeded on proper circulation.

Health and BeautyTips to Prevent Common Foot Ailments

Health and Beauty Tip for Athlete’s Foot: Your feet live in shoes most of their life where it is warm, dark and moist, the perfect place for fungus to grow. This can cause dry skin, blisters and redness, peeling and itching. To prevent infections keep your feet clean and dry especially the area between your toes. Change your shoes and stockings often to maintain dry feet. Never buy tight shoes and try dusting your feet daily with foot powder.

Health and Beauty Tip for Dry Skin: Relieve those itchy burning feet my using mild soap sparingly and a cream or lotion on your legs and feet daily.

Health and Beauty Tip for Corns and Calluses: Caused by pressure from the bony parts of your feet rubbing against your shoes, you can avoid them by wearing properly fitted shoes. If necessary use special pads and over-the-counter medicines for relief.

Health and Beauty Tip for Ingrown Toenails: Caused by a piece of nail breaking the skin, this can happen when toenails are not cut properly. Always cut your toenails straight across so that the corner of the nail can be seen above the skin.

Take care of your feet; pay them back for all the wonderful places they’ve taken you by making sure they are regularly checked out. Give them the respect they deserve as an important part of your health care. If you suspect you have a problem with your feet, viruses like warts, internal issues similar to hammertoe or spurs, contact your doctor immediately for proper treatment. Make the health of your feet a top priority.

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