How to Fade Liver Spots

We will all reach that age at some point where we will begin to become intensely interested in how to fade liver spots. This is something that nobody ever thinks about when they are young, but as soon as that first spot or two appears then we begin to think about them all of the time. They become something that we are conscious, or self conscious of all of the time.

What are these spots really, and what is it that causes them to appear? First of all these spots have absolutely nothing to do with your liver. They were simply given this name as a way to describe their relative color. They are also known by several other names including lentigos, senile/solar lentigines, and age spots. They have nothing to do with age either. One of the reasons that these spots came to be associated with age is that they usually don’t begin appearing until we are in our late forties, or early fifties.

It is during this period that we are forced into having to try to figure out just what it is that we can use in order to fade liver spots. They haven’t got anything to do with getting older, but that is not the way that the major cosmetics companies try to make it seem.

These spots are caused by the same defense mechanism that causes your skin to tan, and that causes those with fair skin to develop freckles. This mechanism acts to protect our skin from the UV radiation from the sun, because darker pigment protects us better. When these spots appear it is because an oft damage cell misfires this mechanism, which results in what is called a melanin hyper pigmentation.

The reason that I said that the cosmetics companies continuously relate these blemishes to age is because you hardly ever see products that are designed to fade liver spots anymore, because the marketing has changed in order that the misnomer “age spots” is in the forefront. This better plays to the natural vanity of humans, and greatly increases the cash flow that the industry giants receive.

These companies may enjoy toying with your feelings of self consciousness for profit, but if they are going to do that then they could at least offer you a product that was effective in the removal of these spots. They tend to include bleaching agents in their products, which are ineffective because they tend to lighten the area around the blemish as much as they do the blemish itself. The effect of this is that you can still plainly see the spot.

The most effective way to fade liver spots is to use the all natural products that contain a skin lightener that the people of India have used for various reasons over thousands of years. Extrapone Nutgrass weed extract will not only lighten the spot itself, but will blend all of the various toes of your skin in order to give you a more even complexion overall.

It is easy to fade liver spots from existence if only a company will provide you with the right natural ingredients.


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