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Face Moisturizer and Face Care Products

The skin is the largest organ of the body. Its condition influences a person’s general health, and preparing for its care forms a large portion of the cosmetics industry that research on factors that affect the skin like age, genetics, ethnicity, hormones and the environment.

What is a face moisturizer?

If you do not hydrate your skin every day you have to start.
A face moisturizer is a type of skin care lotion which prevents the skin from becoming too dry or oily. They differ by skin type and some are thick while others are not. A water based moisturizer for instance often contains lightweight oils such as acetyl alcohol which have gel-like consistency and are able to penetrate the skin layers easily . Knowing what type of skin you have and how to treat it makes choosing foundation formulas that much easier.
The most common types of moisturizers for the face include dry skin, normal or combination skin and oily skin types. Read on here to know the skin type that you are

How to identify the best moisturizer for you              

Identifying a moisturizing cream for your face requires that you first figure out what type of skin you have and the right control measure. For instance, an oily skin which needs to be washed frequently should not be moisturized with an oil rich cream, and a dry one which should be bathed often enough to keep it clean might need a moisturizer with added essential oils to compensate its dryness.

Your dermatologist might easily help you with knowing your skin type, as well as your beautician. But if seeking to do it yourself, start by knowing that skin types fall into five categories. These are called normal, oily, dry, combination and sensitive skin.

An oily skin shows by large pores and a quickly developed sheen after cleansing. If you have oily skin reach for an oil-free moisturizer which still conditions and hydrates the skin while balancing its oil levels.

Dry skin is seen by often itchy, red, flaky, or generally tight skin. It requires a moisturizer rich in essential oils to soothe and revive it, often after cleansing, to get rid of dead skin cells.
People with a combination skin will know it by an oily T-zone from the forehead alongside drier skin on the cheeks. The T-zone is your forehead, nose and chin. It is not simple to cater for this skin type as it seems to require two different types of moisturizers, however product developers have combination skin moisturizers in case you don’t have the energy to apply two types of creams on your face.

An even skin tone with no flaking sheen makes for normal skin and requires a general moisturizer to keep it hydrated.

If you are often likely to develop acne or other skin irritations then your specialist would say you have sensitive skin. This skin requires something gentle yet oil-free, paraben-free and hypoallergenic.

Is a face moisturizer necessary?

Until you know the benefits of using one, a face moisturizer might be considered another luxury. Having naturally glowing skin is no reason to sideline the consistent use of a face moisturizer because great looking skin, just like all good things are worth keeping, deserves to be maintained.

The pros of using it after identifying the best face care lotion for you are that it slows down aging and minimizes wrinkles, causes your complexion to appear bright and elastic even when it is cold, it calms acne pimples, and creates a layer of protection especially for those with sunscreen. Again using a face moisturizer leaves your makeup looking flawless with well hydrated skin, and the skin never itches.

Should it be used with a similar soap?

Soap is among the list of personal cleanliness products. It is the commonly used body cleanser used when taking a bath, or while showering. One of the few innovations in this area was liquid soap in an attractive dispenser-pump container, as well as face wash contained in a plastic tube.

Face moisturizers are often paired with a face wash that matches the product and skin tone, so it is advisable to identify and stick to a soap bar or face wash designed for your particular skin tone, the same for which you apply a face moisturizer.

Are face moisturizers for woman only?
Although most of the toiletries industries cater for woman, it’ll surprise you know that men’s toiletries generate over 1 billion dollars in the US alone. This includes everything sold specially for men (skin care, hair care, fragrance, shaving products, and even makeup items as bronzers and skin-toned talcum powder- yes! Men use skin toners, go figure!).
Of course, men like to look good to compete in their business and social worlds, and skincare collections are often introduced to meet their needs. Face moisturizers are no exemption as men nowadays find themselves presented with a wider range of moisturizers to pick from. These are designed according to their skin tone just like woman’s face creams, and so the selection process is pretty much the same. It all depends on the skin type.
Can children use them?
Children usually have spotless, fresh skin, however they too need to look after it. They may not require harsh products filled with destructive chemicals but they do need to moisturize the face with the right mild moisturizer and wear sunscreen every day. This is especially the case with teens. Having the right product to use and sticking to it will bear long term benefits. Younger children’s parents may not feel the instinct to use moisturizer on their young ones but may prefer to hold on to body lotion and sunscreen until they are older. 

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