Can a 15x5ml product be the perfect solution for hair loss and hair regrowth?

This is why we are going to review the KERASTIM PRO – ANTI HAIR LOSS SCALP TREATMENT,REGROWTH to know if it is.


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Produced by 1st4life in the UK and sold on Amazon, the kerastim pro has a 4 star rating which means it has over 90% success rate!. Which means for every 10 people who used it, 9 had something nice/positive to say about the product.


1.You can start seeing great results in as little as 4 weeks

2.It was tested with the new cosmetology and biotechnology. meaning advance results that works. hence the pro
3.It has been dermatolofically tested and has no side effect whatsoever

4.Works for both men and women


The KERASTIM PRO contains 5 main products Trichogen-Veg , Polyplant Hair, Inuline that are designed to fight against hair loss,hair thinning for both men and women. Both genders can use it.

It was made possible by cosmetology which is built to solve the issue of weak and fallen hair that lots of people suffer from.

It has ingredients designed to fight against hair loss, hair thinning and baldness for men and women. The active ingredients are Trichogen®VEG, Polyplant HairTM, Horsetail extract, Inuline, D-panthenol(provitamin B5) which are rich in protein, Vitamins PP,biotin and some vegetable extracts to combat hair loss and stimulate hair growth.

How to use the KERASTIM PRO
1.Apply content on dry hair [dont rinse]
2.use every 1-2 days for maxima results

3.wait for 4 weeks to start seeing great results

This is what the kerastim pro will do for you;

Prevent hair loss- 91%, Improves hair condition – 100%, Strengthens the hair – 94%, Increase thickness of hair – 85%, Increases the volume of hair – 87%, The hair becomes more silky – 96% In vivo test on a group of Men and Women. 15 ampoules.


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Final Thoughts
Most people want a healthy and vibrant full hair, but unfortunately many are not able to achieve this goal because not many products can deliver a healthy,thicker and stronger hair. But with the kerastim pro it is possible for you to prevent hair loss and have a healthy hair especially because of its new technology.

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