Aroma Housewares Awk-165M 1.7 L Electric Water Kettle, Stainless Steel

There are many brands of electric kettle out there and you may be a little confused on the best brand or product that will serve you completely boiled hot water much faster than a regular hot pot. Everyone deserves a quality electric kettle in their home not just for coffee but to make other simple breakfast recipes like oatmeal, instant soup, noodles and so much more.

We recently purchased the Aroma glass electric kettle and decided to write a thing or two about why we think it’s one of the top kettles to buy right now.

The box contains:

  • Electric kettle
  • Kettle base
  • Instruction manual

Right out of the box, the aroma electric kettle measures about 9 inches tall and 9 inches wide.

The unit felt very sturdy in the hand – it has a steel and glass body with a plastic lid and handle so barely any water comes in contact with the plastic. It has water level markings on the side in number of cups on one side and litres marking on the other side. This makes it very convenient when you will be making tea for family members or friends. According to the instructions, you should fill water in the kettle cup no more than the maximum marking.

Inside the box is also a 30 inches corded wire base separably from the kettle itself. This cable can be carefully wrapped around the base for storage.

To operate the aroma electric kettle:

  • Press the button on the handle to open the lid
  • Fill with water to the max line and close the lid
  • Plug the unit in and turn the dial to boil – You can have a medium boil or full boil all the way to the right.
  • Push down the switch to turn the unit on. A blue light will illuminate when the kettle is in operation. When full to the max line (approx. 7 cups of water), the aroma kettle takes about 7 minutes to come to a full boil
  • Once the kettle reaches full boil, the illuminated blue light will go off.

Making our first hot tea, we noticed the aroma kettle has an automatic shut off switch which is just great for added safety and convenience. Once the water came to a full boil, we poured the water carefully into our tea cup and there was barely any spill due to the spout of the jug which is actually removable for cleaning.


Some safety instructions in the manual recommend to boil and discard your first boiled water to get rid of any plastic or chemical smell which we didn’t happen to notice – we did it anyway.

Avoid putting any other liquid that is not water into the kettle

The steel and glass part do get hot when the kettle is in operation so be careful when in use.

Distilled water is recommended for this kettle but filter water is fine.

if there is any scale built up in the kettle after a few use, you can add some few cups of water with vinegar





Hair Vit – One a day vitamin capsule for hair Re-growth

Hair Vit are capsules specially desinged to provide vital nutrients required for healthy looking hair.
The contain Vitamin B, Amino acids that help nurture the texture, thickness and colour of your hair.
Hair Vit is made by HealthAid which carries out research and production in UK, Europe
star It has rating of 3.9/5 based on positive reviews on Amazon and other e-commerce stores.
It reverses effect of dry falling hair due to poor diet, extreme stress, harsh chemicals and more
It is free from Gluten, artificial colours, preservatives and flavourings.
Suitable for use by both men and women
It is not vegetarian friendly as the manufacturers claim to have bovine (bird) gelatin as an active ingredient.
How to use
Adults and children over 16 years of age, one Hair-vit capsule daily with breakfast.
This product is more of a food supplement and should not be used in place of a healthy balanced diet
Each HealthAid Hair-vit Capsule contains (average): Thiamine (Vitamin B1) 10mg, Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) 10mg, Niacin (vitamin B3) 20mg, Vitamin B6 5mg, Vitamin B12 2µg, Biotin 20µg, Pantothenic Acid 10mg, Iron 12mg, Zinc 2mg, Choline Bitartrate 50mg, Inositol 50mg, Yeast 100mg, Para Amino Benzoic Acid (PABA) 10mg, Lecithin 20mg, Hydrolysed Gelatine Powder ** 50mg, L-Cysteine Hydrochloride 30mg, DL-Methionine 30mg. **: Provides: glycerine, proline, hydroxyproline, glutamic acid, alanine, arginine, aspartic acid, serine, lysine, leucine, valine, threonine, phenylalanine, hydroxylysine, isoleucine, methionine, histidine, tyrosine. Ingredients: Capsule Shell gelling agent (gelatine), humectant (glycerol, purified water), natural colours (black, brown, red iron oxides), Bulking Agent (soybean oil, yellow beeswax, palm oil, coconut oil), di-Calcium Phosphate, Yeast Basic, Choline Bitartrate, Inositol, Hydrolysed Gelatine Powder, Ferrous Sulphate , Dl-Methionine, L-Cysteine HCl, Nicotinamide, Soy Lecithin, Thiamin Mononitrate, Riboflavin, Pantothenic Acid (calcium pantothenate), Para Amino Benzoic Acid, Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine HCl), Zinc Sulphate, D-Biotin, Vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin), Cupric Sulphate, Manganese Sulphate, Folic Acid.

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Best Non-Greasy Facial Moisturizers For Oily Skin – Our Pick (2018 Try & Review)

Replace your current oil based moisturizer for a non greasy formula that will instantly absorb into your skin so you can complete your morning routine and get to work in time. skipping them altogether may seem like the best idea but you don’t want to be looking like you woke up on the wrong side of your bed. Keeping your skin balanced, hydrated and refreshed all the time will help prevent signs of ageing.
Our quick tip is to switch from oil based moisturisers that only sit on the skin to water based.
Here’s a list of the top water based moisturisers that you can use today:

Skin Medica Replenish Hydrating Cream:

This is the perfect addition to any dry or sensitive skin care routine. Skin Medica is gentle on sensitive skin but provides all day hydration due to dermatologically approved ingredients like Bisabolol that works to calm & soothe skin, Ceramides, hyaluronic acid, green tea extracts, Vitamin C & E that helps skin retain much needed moisture.
To hydrate and refresh your skin, apply evenly to face, neck and chest This cream can also be used to soften hardworking hands. It deserves our number 1 spot.

Neutrogena HydroBoost Moisturising Gel:

This gel cream recently was replaced my LRP Toleraine Gentle Hydrating cleanser. It is well suited for most skin types and gets absorbed into the skin faster than you can say “Juwanaman”.
It contains hyaluronic acid to help retain moisture, holding up to 1000 times its weight in water. I recommend it for people with super oily super sensitive, acne prone/ hormonal cystic acne prone skin.
The award wining water-gel formula quenches dry skin and hydrates almost instantly. This product has quickly earned a reputation as the go-to moisturiser particularly amongst people who dislike a greasy residue after application. It can be worn under make up as it leaves pores unclogged and is completely invisible.

 Clinique Moisture Surge Intense Skin Fortifying Hydrator

Unlike the original moisture surge, this product repairs and strengthens very dry skin. Primary ingredient are alor barbadesis and olive extract, Hyaluronate, glycerin, red algae extract to name a few. It has a strong glue like smell and feels heavy to the touch. This are not bad characteristics however because it spreads evenly and lightly when used and the smell quickly disappears. It is perfect for removing blemishes and sun spots on your skin

Sunday Riley Tidal Brightening enzyme water cream

This product is so amazing it has a dedicated cult following. Kirbie at Popsugar blog recommends this product greatly when she told us how she had ruined her face with so much skin products on one time in an effort to review so many products. She received recommendation from dermatologist to try a gentle cleanser and this fragrance free minimalist cream. She was amazed at the effect os using this product – in her words, “my skin felt so plump and exfoliated, I was surprised it had so much good benefits that got rid of hyper pigmentation on my skin”.

Glossier Priming Moisturizer

Glossier priming moisturizer contains active ingredients like red algae extract, guru guru butter, honey extracts and fatty acids that keep skin smooth, soft and dewy. This product is not heavy or greasy and it’s non-fragranced,
It is likely to transfer your skin through the end of the year as it is highly active when applied, yet invisible. It can be used underneath your make-up and it holds up in cold weather conditions. It also has anti redness benefits with skin soothing anti-inflammatory ingredients that improve acne by repairing damaged skin.

Identify the Best Moisturizer for you

Face Moisturizer and Face Care Products

The skin is the largest organ of the body. Its condition influences a person’s general health, and preparing for its care forms a large portion of the cosmetics industry that research on factors that affect the skin like age, genetics, ethnicity, hormones and the environment.

What is a face moisturizer?

If you do not hydrate your skin every day you have to start.
A face moisturizer is a type of skin care lotion which prevents the skin from becoming too dry or oily. They differ by skin type and some are thick while others are not. A water based moisturizer for instance often contains lightweight oils such as acetyl alcohol which have gel-like consistency and are able to penetrate the skin layers easily . Knowing what type of skin you have and how to treat it makes choosing foundation formulas that much easier.
The most common types of moisturizers for the face include dry skin, normal or combination skin and oily skin types. Read on here to know the skin type that you are

How to identify the best moisturizer for you              

Identifying a moisturizing cream for your face requires that you first figure out what type of skin you have and the right control measure. For instance, an oily skin which needs to be washed frequently should not be moisturized with an oil rich cream, and a dry one which should be bathed often enough to keep it clean might need a moisturizer with added essential oils to compensate its dryness.

Your dermatologist might easily help you with knowing your skin type, as well as your beautician. But if seeking to do it yourself, start by knowing that skin types fall into five categories. These are called normal, oily, dry, combination and sensitive skin.

An oily skin shows by large pores and a quickly developed sheen after cleansing. If you have oily skin reach for an oil-free moisturizer which still conditions and hydrates the skin while balancing its oil levels.

Dry skin is seen by often itchy, red, flaky, or generally tight skin. It requires a moisturizer rich in essential oils to soothe and revive it, often after cleansing, to get rid of dead skin cells.
People with a combination skin will know it by an oily T-zone from the forehead alongside drier skin on the cheeks. The T-zone is your forehead, nose and chin. It is not simple to cater for this skin type as it seems to require two different types of moisturizers, however product developers have combination skin moisturizers in case you don’t have the energy to apply two types of creams on your face.

An even skin tone with no flaking sheen makes for normal skin and requires a general moisturizer to keep it hydrated.

If you are often likely to develop acne or other skin irritations then your specialist would say you have sensitive skin. This skin requires something gentle yet oil-free, paraben-free and hypoallergenic.

Is a face moisturizer necessary?

Until you know the benefits of using one, a face moisturizer might be considered another luxury. Having naturally glowing skin is no reason to sideline the consistent use of a face moisturizer because great looking skin, just like all good things are worth keeping, deserves to be maintained.

The pros of using it after identifying the best face care lotion for you are that it slows down aging and minimizes wrinkles, causes your complexion to appear bright and elastic even when it is cold, it calms acne pimples, and creates a layer of protection especially for those with sunscreen. Again using a face moisturizer leaves your makeup looking flawless with well hydrated skin, and the skin never itches.

Should it be used with a similar soap?

Soap is among the list of personal cleanliness products. It is the commonly used body cleanser used when taking a bath, or while showering. One of the few innovations in this area was liquid soap in an attractive dispenser-pump container, as well as face wash contained in a plastic tube.

Face moisturizers are often paired with a face wash that matches the product and skin tone, so it is advisable to identify and stick to a soap bar or face wash designed for your particular skin tone, the same for which you apply a face moisturizer.

Are face moisturizers for woman only?
Although most of the toiletries industries cater for woman, it’ll surprise you know that men’s toiletries generate over 1 billion dollars in the US alone. This includes everything sold specially for men (skin care, hair care, fragrance, shaving products, and even makeup items as bronzers and skin-toned talcum powder- yes! Men use skin toners, go figure!).
Of course, men like to look good to compete in their business and social worlds, and skincare collections are often introduced to meet their needs. Face moisturizers are no exemption as men nowadays find themselves presented with a wider range of moisturizers to pick from. These are designed according to their skin tone just like woman’s face creams, and so the selection process is pretty much the same. It all depends on the skin type.
Can children use them?
Children usually have spotless, fresh skin, however they too need to look after it. They may not require harsh products filled with destructive chemicals but they do need to moisturize the face with the right mild moisturizer and wear sunscreen every day. This is especially the case with teens. Having the right product to use and sticking to it will bear long term benefits. Younger children’s parents may not feel the instinct to use moisturizer on their young ones but may prefer to hold on to body lotion and sunscreen until they are older. 

Best Hair Growth & Hair Loss Treatment Products (That Actually Work!) – 2018 Review

What causes hair loss?
Alopecia, thinning hair and female hair fall
Should I have a hair transplant?
How to stop hair thinning?
How to find the right hair loss cure?
Best Vitamin supplements for faster hair growth
Biotin (High Potency) 5000mcg per veggie softgel
Dr. Formulas Hairomega 3-in-1 DHT Blocker
SugarBearHair Vitamins
Are hair re-growth oils effective?
Does hair ever stop growing?
Essential vitamins and Minerals for faster hair growth
Fish Oil
B-complex Vitamins (Biotin & B5)
Vitamin C
Vitamin D
Best Anti Hair loss shampoo
Pura D’or Anti hair loss shampoo
Mane n Tail Combo Deal Shampoo and Conditioner
Art Naturals argan oil shampoo
The slender, flexible structure found on the surface of our heads would be the hair. For so long people have been dressing it to look appealing through processes of cutting, cleaning, coloring (or dying), styling, plaiting and arranging it. Men specifically groom their beards and mustaches but what happens when your hair begins to fall off?
If you are one amongst 80 million men and women in United states struggling with hair loss and thinning, it can be a life-altering experience. Full hair growth is associated with Healthy hair and like our bodies, they require quality nutrients to grow strong.
Our expert team have rounded up our top rated and best selling hair loss treatment products that actually work to boost your hair health. Lets first go over some frequently asked questions about hair loss.

What causes hair loss?

From balding to hairline thinning to noticing a gradual decrease in hair density, hair loss affects both men and woman in various ways.
In some cases hair loss is a natural side effect of health issues ranging from thyroid disease to cancer to milder conditions like vitamin deficiencies.
In the case of thyroid disease which is a condition where the thyroid hormones are imbalanced, hair loss can occur mostly in cases of severe and prolonged hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism. Here the loss is not concentrated and is therefore seen across the entire scalp.
Cancer patients tend to experience hair loss because of a treatment exercise called chemotherapy which targets all cells that divide themselves at a rapid rate, which means even the healthy cells are affected. In this case hair loss might even be seen in all parts of the body,  including the head, face, underarms and pubic area, either entirely or in segments.
In the case of anemia, an ailment concerned with iron deficiency, the hair can start thinning.  Iron boosting pills which contain a power vitamin, called vitamin C, antioxidants that helps the body to absorb more iron into the blood, making it one of the most effective vitamins for hair thickness and a common relief for anemia.
Still on the vitamin C, this brings me to note that protein and vitamin deficiencies contribute to hair loss. Not adding enough protein to the diet may cause hair loss once in a while. Protein malnutrition can happen when one relies a lot on crush diets that exclude protein or by simply having abnormal eating habits. Vitamins such as the D class and B3 (not forgetting vitamin C) are key to ensuring that hair does not fall out. These should never be neglected as they form part of a healthy diet.
Some other common causes include:
  • Medications
  • Skin problems like Psoriasis
  • Genetic conditions like androgenetic alopecia
  • Age
  • Menopause
  • Overstyling
  • Sudden weight loss
  • Malnoursihment or lack of vitamins
  • Too much vitamin A
  • Pregnancy

Alopecia, thinning hair and female hair fall

Androgenetic alopecia means that as your hair begins to fall off, the new hair that regrows will be thinner with a fine texture. It may look normal, but as this process continues, the hair follicles that hold the hair start getting smaller and smaller until they stop producing new hair.
Men in particular usually experience a more dramatic form of hair loss and balding, due to androgenetic reasons but this form of hair loss is common amongst women over the age of 50.
The condition is caused by a hormone imbalance called dihydrotestosterone or DHT which is common in post-menopausal women. When the testosterone level increases, it gets converted to DHT which binds to hair follicles  and kills them.

Should I have a hair transplant?

Before deciding on a hair transplant one has options to pick from. Necessary research should be done to know what options are available in your country or region. The solution can range from hair shampoos that slow down DHT damage to hair follicle, a prescribed medication like Minoxidil which treats high blood pressure but causes significant hair growth in the process, or cosmetic products such as coloring sprays.
Hair transplant may be the ultimate solution for some people but it should be seen as last resort. Once hair thinning or pattern baldness is noticed, the sooner you seek help, the better your chances of stopping or reversing it.

How to stop hair thinning?

As already mentioned, different things come into play when speaking of hair loss, even hormonal imbalance plays a role. Just not washing your hair isn’t enough to stop hair loss, It is important to pursue and maintain a balanced nutrition plan while getting to the root of the problem(no pun intended). A balanced diet incorporates all food groups rich in nutrient into your diet and keep the body hydrated. Many doctors will not prescribe medications to you for simple issues like hair thinning. However, once you are aware of the cause, it will be easier to research on your own to supplement your vitamins or minerals that you deficient in. This will do you good even in the long term. Remember, prevention is better than cure.
How much hair loss is normal?
Normal hair loss depends on the hair type. Natural long hair keepers lose a lot of it if it is weak and brittle,  but if it is moisture rich it can sustain elasticity. Low manipulation hairstyles should be preferred and should not last long to avoid hair entangling and for better management. Other hair types need to be well maintained as well. A hair loss that covers most of the comb or falls spontaneously is a cause for concern.

How to find the right hair loss cure?

Whenever you are diagnosed with an illness for which you may lose your hair, you want to ensure you inquire on how best you can counter act the hair loss. Thyroid disease medication once successful has the ability to reverse hair loss. When chemotherapy is stopped,  the hair can start regrowing. Returning to a balanced diet sufficient in protein and vitamins such as vitamin C, D and B3(Biotin) is an ideal way to cure hair loss over time.

Best Vitamin supplements for faster hair growth


foligen vitmain suplement

[cta_button href=”” size=”lg”]Buy Foligen[/cta_button]

Foligen is a vitamin-packed formula designed to stop hair loss and speed up new hair growth. It contains biotin for health hair, nails, and skin plus folic acid to regenerate dead follicles. Besides Vitamins A,B,C,D,E and minerals like iron and magnesium, it has traditional herbal remedies for hair loss like horsetail extract and saw palmetto. If you’re already taking supplement, check that foligen won’t overdose you because it’s a powerful medication and it works wonders!
The manufacturer is a company called Vita Balance Ltd, based in the UK and USA. They explain that their formula is made to help people in the early stages of hair loss attain fuller, thicker hair without the major side effects suffered with other treatments. Right now, they are offering promo codes so you can try foligen at a good discounted price
  • FIVE$65492699 Gives you 5% off your on-line order
  • VTA25 Gives you 25% discount for your next order of Foligen
Going through customer reviews shows a positive end result after using foligen.
Biotin (High Potency) 5000mcg per veggie softgel; enhanced with coconut oil for better absorption; supports hair growth, glowing skin and strong nails
biotin and coconut oil[cta_button href=”” size=”lg”]Buy from Amazon[/cta_button]
Biotin are B-complex vitamins. They boost your metabolism and help your body produce keratin, which is essential for healthy skin and hair.
These Biotin softgels contain a solution of 5000iu of Biotin and cold pressed organic coconut oil.
There are no preservatives, no GMO products, no soy, stearates, or gluten. You only need to take 1 softgel pill per day.
They come with a 90 day money back guarantee. if you aren’t satisfied with results, you can send them back for a refund.
Dr. Formulas Hairomega 3-in-1 DHT Blocker for Biotin Hair, skin and Nail Growth Support formula
Hair omega 3-in-1[cta_button href=”” size=”lg”]Buy from Amazon[/cta_button]
Dr. Formula’s HairOmega is a comprehensive combination of DHT-blockers with nutrients that encourage hair growth. It contains their own DHT-blocker plus Biotin B complex, vitamin C, vitamin A, MSM, silica and zinc.
What do all these ingredients do?
Biotin/ B-complex vitamins help build healthy skin, nails and hair. Combined with MSMS, a kind of sulphur, it improves the prodcution of keratin.
Vitamin C stimulates collagen production to help connective tissues and cartilages in joints. It also improves red blood cell production and circulation in the body improving hair follicles re-growth.
Silica can make your hair stronger and longer.
Zinc is important for vitamin absorbtion, hormonal balance and cell reporduction.
Dr. Formulas recommends taking two tablets in the morning and two in the evening for best results. There are 120 pills in the bottle so this ends up being one month supply.
viviscal vitamin supplement
[cta_button href=”” size=”lg”]Buy from Amazon[/cta_button]

Viviscal is a very popular hair growth supplement in the US selling over 4 million worldwide.

It’s developed in Ireland and has main ingredients such as Biotin, Niacin, iron, vitamin C and a patented ingredient called Amino Mar C, a protein complex from fish.
Viviscal helps in reducing hair shedding and increases hair diameter by nourishing the hair from inside out.
It contains 180 tablets which is equivalent to 3 months supply.
This product is however not suitable for those with allergies to fish or seafood, or for pregnant women.
SugarBearHair Vitamins
mane n tail shampoo
[cta_button href=”” size=”lg”]Buy from Amazon[/cta_button]
SugarBear Hair is another viral product that is actually sweet and chewy. They are vegetarian friendly vitamin high in biotin levels and suitable for all hair types.
It’s main ingredients are Folic Acid, coconut oil, Carnauba wax, Biotin and vitamin C providing essential nutrients for healthy hair growth.
Customers report it does good only to the hair on your head and does not promote hair growth all over the body.
This product is new to the market and has received significant celebrity endorsements from the likes of King Kylie, Kim Kardashian, Vanessa Hudgens and many more. We’ve included it mainly because of its appealing taste as some people are just tired of gulping down bitter tasting pills packed with weird artificial sweeteners.
If you are not a fan of taking pilss perhaps essential oils for fast hair re-growth may do the trick for you.

Are hair re-growth oils effective?

Essential oils are truly amazing with lots of benefits not only restricted to hair loss. Most oils are derived from plants with many medicinal properties. They improved blood circulation, help prevent dandruff, flaking, dry scalp and even graying.
Hair regrowth oils are very effective but need a little patience as most are natural additives like vitamin E, coconut oil, olive oil and flax seed oil which take time to work compared to chemical agents.

Does hair ever stop growing?

Yes, hair can stop growing but not necessarily for good. There is a cycle where hair takes rest and ceases to grow for some time before it regenerates itself from the roots. This is natural.
What about hereditary hair loss, like guys sometimes have, can it be cured?
If you or someone known to you suffers from hair loss for whatever reason, you need not fret for any longer. Modern medicines like minoxidil offers solutions and treatments to almost any kind of hair loss situation. There are hundreds of supplements and cosmetic products too in the market today, loaded with key vitamins to build healthy skin ,nails and hair.

Essential vitamins and Minerals for faster hair growth

For those that experience hair loss, a major contributor to hair loss is our diet. Poor nutrition often lead to vitamin/mineral deficiencies which show symptoms that cause hair to dry, fall out or lose it’s fullness.
Try these foods that are rich in vitamins if you’re wondering how to thicken your hair naturally:
Fish Oil:
Fish oil is rich in Omega-3 fats that nourish the hair, support thickening and reduce inflammation that can lead to hair loss. Fish oil is often taken as a supplement as it contains both docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) which are basically nutrients that are important in preventing and managing heart disease. The health benefits of fish oil are numerous and it is recommended to be in our daily diet through natural foods like Salmon, Mackerel, Sardines, Tuna, Egg yolks, Walnuts and Hemp seeds.
These foods are rich in Omega-3, Omega-6 and antioxidants that will reduce inflammation and improve your hair density. It is important to mix these in with a planned diet as too much omega-3 consumption can reduce the effectiveness of your immune system.

Zinc deficiency plays a major role in alopecia as it is essential in important enzyme activities in the hair follicle. Zinc accelerates your hair growth by maintaining hormonal balance and inhibiting hair follicle regression.
Foods rich in Zinc?
Sweet potatoes
B-complex Vitamins (Biotin & B5)

Biotin has been a treatment for hair loss and brittle nails for decades. This is because of Keratin, the form in which protein is stored when enzymes react with Biotin. When biotin levels are low, hair begin to show brittle signs and may start to fall off.
Major causes of biotin deficiency are smoking, impaired liver function or even pregnancy. This is why some women naturally experience hair loss during pregnancy because the cells require larger amount of biotin for essential synthesis in the body.
By improving Keratin infrastructure in the body through consumption of Biotin supplements, we can grow healthier and stronger nails, hair and skin. It is a water-soluble vitamin which means daily intake of B-complex vitamin tablet is necessary and you cannot overdose on it, the body simply takes the quantity it needs and the rest are passed out as urine.
Natural Foods rich in Biotin are
Peanut butter

Vitamin C
Vitamin C is another essential vitamin that not only fights off infections but also helps in the absorption of other nutrients like Iron.
It helps in the production of red blood cells which keeps hair follicles blood enriched and acts as an antioxidant that fights off free radicals, naturally produced in the body as we age. These free radicals are a major cause of some of the visible signs of vitamin C deficiency such as dry red spots on the skin, rough dry and scaly skin, dry and splitting hair.
To fight free radical damage and increase body collagen levels, fill up on vitamin C rich foods like Oranges, red peppers, broccoli, grapefruits and kiwis.
Vitamin C supplements can also be taken twice daily for extra backup


Iron increases the tensile strength of the hair follicles. It facilitates oxygen transfer in body cells allowing them to work at full capacity
Boost iron content in your body through foods rich in spinach, navy or black beans, egg yolks, beef and raisins.
It is recommended to get your daily iron requirement from diet and not through supplements as it is very easy to go over your required quantity.
Magnesium deserves a mention in this list because it is responsible for over 300 reaction in the body, it helps the absorption of calcium, reduces migraine, menstrual cramps and lowers fatty acids level in the body. It fosters good general well being but it is often ignored.
Most people rarely take in their daily magnesium requirement yet seem to be fine. It may not the secret nutrient that will change all deficiencies in the body but an imbalance may have serious consequences on healthy hair and skin.
Nuts, salmon, seeds and wild rice are a good magnesium rich foods or they can be supplemented in pills form.
Also be cautious because magnesium can however be overdosed when supplemented leading to side effects like irregular heart beat, confusion, low blood pressure, coma or even death.
Vitamin D

insufficient levels of vitamin D is linked to numerous autoimmune diseases including..Vitamin D is vital in the body as it plays an important role in calcium homeostasis, immune regulation, and cell growth.

It is often called the sunlight vitamin because direct exposure to the sun is the best way to absorb these vitamin. Sitting in the sun 10-20 minutes is more than enough to absorb your vitamin D requirement.
It can also be found in foods like salmon, swordfish and mushrooms

Best Anti Hair loss shampoo

pura d'or
Pura D’or Anti hair loss shampoo
The number one proven DHT blocker in the market today. DHT is a hormone that causes hair loss. Pura D’or recommends atleast 3 months of daily use to see drastic results. It contains ingredients that are proven to help thinning hair and scalp problems such as tea tree oil, elderberry, willow bark extract, black cumin seed oil, nettle leaf extract, green tea and sage oil. It is safe for daily use on all hair types for both men and women.
mane n tail shampoo
Mane n Tail Combo Deal Shampoo and Conditioner
This shampoo keeps strands long and strong and is best for hair struggling to grow. Mane ‘n Tail combo comes with a bottle of shampoo and conditioner each doused in micro-enriched proteins to leave strands shinning and supple.
Argan oil shampoo
Art Naturals argan oil shampoo
Art naturals shampoo is packed with natural ingredients that not only improves hair growth, it thoroughly cleanses hair helping it look and feel healthier with every wash. It has aloe vera, rosemary, thyme, burdock root and white willow bark. While willow bark and aloe sooth your scalp and fight any appearance of inflammation. It has natural oils full of omega-3 acids and vitamin E so you see positive results in fewer wash.


Hair growth forms part of our confidence and we believe it enhances our looks. Firstly, understanding your hair structure is key to identifying what kind of products might be worth its while. Some people swear by simply not washing your hair everyday will prevent it from falling off. We don’t believe this to be true and that’s a dirty solution.
You need to find the right shampoo for your hair type that does not dry your skin out. endeavour to avoid Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLS) because it might be damaging your scalp and hair.
we are not medical practitioners so your doctor’s advice should come first.
What we do know is stick to the drill: Understand your skin/hair type, Rest well and avoid stress build up, eat balanced diet and keep your hair moist to protect it from sun or wind burn, and use a proper comb that minimizes breakage.

Josh Peck in The Weight-Loss Story

Joshua Michael (Josh Peck) is an American comedian, actor and voice actor born on 10th November 1986. He became famous in the early 2000s and late 1990s for his funny roles played in the Nickelodeon hit sitcoms Amanda show, Drake and Josh.

Growing up can be hard, it can be even harder when you are overweight. Add to that being famous and you have exactly what actor Josh Peck had to deal with.

At a teenage age, Peck was adored my numerous children around the world and it grew on him the influence he had on other kids’ life through the way he acts and his lifestyle.

For much of his young career Peck was cast as the bumbling yet loveable husky character who offered much comedic relief.  This influence made Peck decide to take the leap and set a good example to kids not only in America but around the world.


So How Did Josh Peck Really Lose His Weight?

You might be wondering, “how did Josh Peck lose his weight?”. The answer to that has many parts, and it all began with the inspiration to make healthier life choices.

What lead Josh Peck to begin his health and fitness journey was not solely the promise of better roles, or a more attractive physique. Peck had realized that, whether he liked it or not, he had young fans who looked up to him and saw him as a role model. Knowing that he was a person who children looked up to inspired him to go about his weight loss in a healthy and responsible manner.

Josh Peck Weight Loss

The Beginning

In 2006, Josh Peck began his health journey by going on a diet. Typically the word diet is associated with quick and rapid changes in your overall eating patterns. The problem with that temporary diet mentality is that once your goal is met the diet is ended. Once the diet has ended you may slip back into your old eating habits, leading to weight gain.

Peck however ended up adopting many long-term lifestyle changes during the course of his diet that will help prevent him from regaining the weight that he has lost.

Peck has not come forward claiming that anyone routine or product helped him achieve his dramatic weight loss. Instead Peck has repeatedly stated that he lost his weight by simply making healthier eating choices and working out. Josh Peck’s healthy and sensible approach to weight loss has made him an excellent role model for his child fans, and their parents as well.

Move It To Lose It – The natural weight loss way

In addition to making long-lasting changes to his eating patterns and behaviors, Peck enlisted the help of a personal trainer.

Hiring a certified personal trainer has numerous benefits. A knowledgeable trainer can assess your current fitness level and build routines that will help strengthen weak areas of your physical fitness. A personal trainer can also be a great motivational tool when you are just not feeling like working out.

When losing weight, exercise is a must in order to prevent the loss of lean muscle mass while losing fat. Oftentimes when people rapidly lose weight they are losing both fat and lean muscle mass.

The loss of lean muscle mass can lower your natural metabolism, making it harder to lose weight and successfully maintain a long-term weight loss.

Both men and women benefit greatly from retaining as much lean muscle mass as they can. Just look at the contestants in the Biggest Loser television show. They work out like crazy, to burn fat AND build muscles at the same time.

Funny Fitness Meme

The Effects of Weight Loss

It has been said that Josh Peck has lost over one hundred pounds, which is quite the accomplishment.

Many times those who have lost such large amounts of weight report having loose skin as a result as a result of their weight loss. For some who have lost a large amount of weight the only solution to loose skin is undergoing a skin-removal surgery. Others may be able to tighten their skin up over time. Peck has not disclosed whether he has had skin removal surgery or not.

Because Peck had lost his excess weight gradually over time and worked out while losing weight there is a very good chance that he did not require a skin removal surgery.

He was also quite young when he lost weight, and those who are younger tend to have more elastin in their skin allowing it to “snap back” after losing weight. As we get older skin tends to lose it’s elasticity making it more likely that you will have loose skin after losing a substantial amount of weight at an older age.

Loose skin is a small price to pay though for reaping the benefits of being at a healthy weight. Being overweight can lead to serious health complications such as diabetes, heart disease and stroke, to name just a few. Losing weight can help you avoid potentially fatal health problems and also contribute to a higher quality of life.

Josh Peck has mentioned that his weight loss has helped his asthma tremendously.

What Can We Learn From Josh Peck’s Weight-Loss Story?

It has been said that a smart person learns from his mistakes, but that a wise person learns from the mistakes of others. Let’s be wise, and learn from Mr Peck and his story. I think the following points are what we can take with us:

  • Skip the “diet mentality”, and instead make long-term healthy changes to your lifestyle.
  • Workouts can aid in fat loss and promote the retention of lean muscle mass.
  • Investing in a personal trainer can help you achieve your fitness goals in both a faster and safer way.
  • When setting goals, focus on more than your appearance and numbers on a scale. Think about your overall health and well being.

Being able to achieve “Josh Peck weight loss” is fully achievable for most people. The key is to make gradual sustainable changes to your daily diet and lifestyle. Don’t be afraid to reach out to those who are more knowledgeable about health and fitness, and be sure to consult your doctor before undergoing any major changes in your diet and exercise routine.

Results: Pantogar works to reverse hair shedding

I’ve been losing hair due to my thyroid problem (I have Hashimoto’s) and so the doctor prescribed Pantogar. I take it twice or three times a day. I think the recommended dose is 3 times daily but I forget sometimes. I’ve been on it for a month now and my hair loss seems to have slowed down. Hurray!!

One thing you could consider in hair loss treatment is Minoxidil. It’s a spray you put on your hair. I’m also using that. Mine is called Regro 5% and the active ingredient is Minoxidil.

If i were you, I’d do something about your hair loss sooner than later,even if it’s not too bad now. I started shedding hair about a few years ago and didn’t pay much attention to it. It wasn’t until I was losing hundreds of hair a day and I mean my hair was literally everywhere, on the pillow, in the shower, on the bathroom floor that I started to ask questions about my hair loss. My hair had become half the thickness of what it used to be. I posted questions about it on forums and reddit and a dermatologist confirmed that I might have problems with my thyroid and true enough, that was the cause of it.

Don’t go bald from rapid hair loss

Pattern Baldness?

Alopecia or pattern baldness occurs when the gap between the hair strands increase continuously causing hair thinning and low hair density. The hair strands begin to lose thickness becoming weak and prone to damage thereby falling off.

Signs of Hair loss in Men

Receding hair line

Loss of more than 100 hair strands a day

Rapid hair loss at an early age

unusual pattern of hair growth

persistent itchy scalp

Signs of Hair loss in women

Increase in hair count on the brush during combing

wide gap or parting in the central area of scalp

hair shaft breakage while combing due to excessive damage

Post partum baldness due to giving birth or lactation period.

Who’s at risk of hair loss?

Baldness can affect both men and women and can begin very early in your teenage years. It is however more common in adult men. A lot of factors play a role in one’s susceptibility to get a receding hair line.


Hormonal imbalance

Nutritional deficiency

Hectic or stressful lifestyle


How to prevent balding

It’s no surprise that there’s an abundance of tales on how you can successfully combat hair loss using DIY home remedies.

Hair oil massages, onion juice and fenugreek are examples of these remedies. We are yet to experiment with this recipes to prove their worth but reading up on published articles but Dr. Edward Ball, a leading UK hair transplant specialist in The Maitland clinic, London helps to debunk some of the myths about hair loss prevention.

Based on Scientific publications, there is no proven method as of today that can completely stop balding. There are only known causes that increase hair loss – Stress for example is known to increase hair loss in older men and women and you can reduce stress by participating in relaxing activities, such as walking, listening to calming music, and enjoying more quiet time.

Remedy/ cure for baldness

If hair drop is merely genetics, it is not necessary to seek medical attention. There are simple solutions for men and women who are unhappy with their look and would like to have a fuller hair on their head.

However, over the counter treatments are available for both men and women who begin suffering hair drop after pregnancy or surgery.

Top 3 Hair Growth Treatment that actually work for men


  • Revivogen Scalp therapy is dermatologist-formulated natural hair restoration product to treat pattern baldness by slowing hair thinning and supporting the growth of fuller hair. It works by blocking the action of DHT, a testosterone that blocks hair growth in the hair follicles. The product contains scientifically proven natural ingredients which include Alpha and Gamma Linolenic acid (ALA & GLA) Ethinyl Laurate, Procyanidin oligomers and Zinc sulfate.
  • Profollica Hair Stimulator: Profollica is a safe and risk free hair shedding treatment that has helped numerous people to stop pattern baldness and regain a healthy full scalp. It is a two step formula of pills and a gel that contain the right amonut of natural extracts, vitamins, minerals and amino acids, essential nutrients for a healthy scalp and hair root (follicles). Active ingredients include Arginine, Acetyl Tyrosine, Zinc Gluconate and herbal extracts.
  • Provillus: Provilus has a unique hair regrowth formula for both men and women. They are formulated with nutrients such as Minoxidil which is scientifically known for their regenerative and hair health support. It includes an all natural supplement in its formula to block DHT and restore hormonal balance crucial to restore a full head of hair.
  • Pantogar: If i were you, I’d do something about your hair loss sooner than later,even if it’s not too bad now. Here’s a case study of a woman who tried out pantogar and got results

Turkey, Basil and Artichoke Meatballs (served over Spaghetti Squash)

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Turkey, Basil and Artichoke Meatballs (served over Spaghetti Squash)
  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees F. Cut spaghetti squash in half, lengthwise, and remove the excess seeds and strings. Place open side down on a baking sheet and cook for 20-25 minutes or until spaghetti squash is soft when you push the skin or the threads easily come out when you take a fork to it. Once the squash is in the oven, dice onion and artichokes.
  2. Place skillet over medium heat, add butter, diced onions and artichokes. Cook until onions are translucent, about 5 minutes. Remove from heat and cool. In a large bowl, mix together ground turkey, artichokes, onions and rest of the ingredients. Mix well. Roll into meatballs, about 1 inch in diameter (makes about 18).
  3. Place on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Bake for about 15 minutes. Place tomato sauce on the cook top in a saucepan to warm, add chopped spinach and simmer until food is ready. Place spaghetti squash serving on a plate and top with meatballs and tomato sauce. Enjoy!
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Forget everything TV commercials have told you about anti-ageing products, look for these ingredients in products and you will look 10, 15 or 20 years younger than your peers. You will save money in the long run and live a better happy life.

I believe with this guide, you will make better informed decision when investing in your skin care regimen. If you are just getting started in Face/skin Moisturizer products, read our FAQ here.

So first things, first, throw out your foundation, concealer and powder. You won’t be needing those with what i’m about to tell you.


Niacinamide is a form of Vitamin B3 that is absolutely essential for your skin. As far back as 1900s, it has been known that a dietary deficiency of Vitamin B3 resulted in severe irritation amongst other things. but we now know that it’s a direct precursor to the coenzymes that drive fundamental cell metabolism,” says Olay principal scientist Frauke Neuser, PhD, who has worked with the ingredient since it made its debut in the brand’s Total Effects line in 2000.

Basically Niacinamide is cell fuel and the more you add to older skin, the more they produce collagen which keeps the skin from sagging, wrinkling, enhancing your youthful look.

SK-II R.N.A. Power Essence;

Additionally, says New York dermatologist Kavita Mariwalla, MD, niacinamide has been proven to “increase ceramide and free fatty acid levels and improve microcirculation in the skin,” as well as enhance elasticity. It also significantly improves cell turnover, inhibits hyperpigmentation by preventing the transference of melanin, and combats redness with its anti-inflammatory properties. “It really is an amazing ingredient,”


If you can use only one ingredient in this list, we recommend Retinol, a Vitamin A derivative that is so incredibly effective in boosting Collagen which resurfaces your skin and promotes health looking smooth texture.

It is the gold standard ingredient recommended by most dermatologist for acne prone skin, hyper pigmentation and skin pore cleansing.

Look out for Retin-A, 0.1% which is usually the highest amount.

Quick tip when using Retinol is to have it on mainly at night as sunlight destabilises it. When worn in the day time, I’ll recommend wearing sunscreen as well.

Skinceuticals Retinol 1.0, $50 ;

Vitamin C

“I think vitamin C is maybe the number-one, top antiaging ingredient of all time,” says New York dermatologist Dennis Gross, MD. “It’s the only ingredient that both directly stimulates fibroblast cells to make collagen and protects the collagen you already have by acting as an antioxidant.” However, vitamin C—also a champion brightener by virtue of its melanin-disrupting properties—has historically been tricky to deliver topically: It’s easily deactivated by exposure to light and air, and its most common form, ascorbic acid, is naturally water-soluble, meaning that it’s repelled by the skin’s lipid components.

Lumene Vitamin C Hyaluronic Essence, $24;

Mario Badescu Rose Hip Oil (if you have sensitive skin) or Paula’s Choice Resist C15 Super Booster (the Vitamin C in this is ascorbic acid but it has been stabilized in small oil molecules, easily passing through the skin’s lipid layer)


Green Tea

This is an ancient skin care powerhouse known for it’s anti-oxidant properties like ECCG. It protects the skin from sun damage, inhibits enzyme that break down collagen and reduces sebum and bacterial growth in acne-prone skin. 

New studies on green tea reveal it’s also a pro-oxidant that tricks the cells to be a better protector of the skin by putting it under false stress, hence producing a lot more protective enzymes.


St. Ives Blackhead Clearing scrub 


Green tea is hardly the macro ingredient in most cosmetic products however, any moisturiser or face mask with green tea can help peel old skin off as flakes while soothing the skin.


Hyaluronic Acid

This product is loved by dermatologist, often called “The Skin Juice“  as it is surpassed by very few ingredients that can keep the skin plump and keep the skin moisturised. It is like a sister to collagen except it cannot be stimulated, hyaluronic acid can only be replenished. It is a major component in skin fillers like Juvederm and Restylane because of it’s hydrating ability. 

Filorga Hydra Hyal;


This is a derivative of Squalene naturally found in the human skin. Squalene is however artificially produced from sugarcane and olive trees. Squalene is the reason young babies have young dewy and glowing skin. By your early twenties, you have barely any squalene left in your skin. It drives deep into your second layer of skin which makes it an effective transport agent for other ingredients you want sitted in your skin layers.

It is an oil based product hence a super effective moisturiser which can be used on the hair, legs and hands for a softer looking skin.


Biossance The Revitalizer;

Indie Lee Squalane Facial Cream;

After cleansing, physically exfoliate with St. Ives scrub (GREEN TEA).Then apply a topical retin-A prescription (RETINOL), mix on the back of your hand one drop of Indie Lee oil (SQUALANE),one drop of Paula’s Choice booster (VITAMIN C),and a small drop of Cerave serum (NIACINAMIDE) into Neutrogena HydroBoost (HYALURONIC ACID).


Butternut Squash Soup

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Butternut Squash Soup
butternut squash soup
Course Soups
Prep Time 45 minutes
Course Soups
Prep Time 45 minutes
butternut squash soup
  1. Melt coconut oil on medium-high heat in a large sauce pan. Add purple onion to the pan and sauté until translucent. I also like to add some sea salt while the onions are cooking. Next, add butternut squash, coconut milk, broth, coriander and stir. Place the lid on the pot and bring to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer for 20 minutes.
  2. Finally, let the soup cool for a few minutes and then either use an immersion blender or Vita-mix (or other high power blender) to puree the soup until smooth. Add more sea salt if needed and more broth if needed for desired consistency. Enjoy!Butternut Squash Soup
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Warm Cheesy Chorizo Dip

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This warm cheesy chorizo dip is the perfect relaxtion food, totally keto friendly. I mean… it’s warm, cheesy and it’s got chorizo.
Course Appetizers
Prep Time 45 mins
Course Appetizers
Prep Time 45 mins
  1. In a cast iron or oven safe pan, cook chorizo breaking it up into pieces. Once cooked, place on a plate with a paper towel to drain some of the grease.
  2. In the same pan, add olive oil and cook onion. Stir frequently so it doesn't burn. Once it's starting to get soft and translucent, add in riced cauliflower, stir well.
  3. Melt in cream cheese and stir, letting it melt. Add in chorizo. Mix well until combined. Add in sour cream and combine.
  4. Once all combined, top with monterey jack cheese over the whole thing.
  5. Broil on high until cheese is bubbly and starting to brown, about 7-10 minutes.
  6. Serve with your favorite dippers: chips, bell peppers, carrots, etc.
Recipe Notes
Optional toppings: green onion, avocado, cilantro, guacamole, tomatoes.
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Keto Tater Tot Nachos (AKA Totchos)

what are totchos? They’re deliciously crisp tater tots dressed like nachos – gooey cheese, browned ground beef, and gloriously topped with sour cream, salsa, olives, and jalapenos.

Curiously, totchos have really been on an upswing in 2015. With a search history spiking in early January, totchos have started to be a craving in many households across the US. Of which, the main city to be searching for these? Seattle. With my recent trip there, I saw totchos in many of the dive bars I walked past – and I knew I wanted to make them keto once I laid my eyes upon them.

They’re in a league of their own when it comes to nachos – the crispy Keto Tater Totsreally add a depth of flavor and texture that a tortilla chip never brought. If you haven’t tried them yet, now’s the time! And of course, bacon is a welcome addition if you’re feeling like bulking this up a bit.

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Keto Tater Tot Nachos (AKA Totchos)
what are totchos? They’re deliciously crisp tater tots dressed like nachos – gooey cheese, browned ground beef, and gloriously topped with sour cream, salsa, olives, and jalapenos.
Course Dinner
Cuisine American
Prep Time 40 minutes
Cook Time 5 minutes
Course Dinner
Cuisine American
Prep Time 40 minutes
Cook Time 5 minutes
Recipe Notes

1. In a small casserole dish or mini cast iron skillet, lay down 9-10 keto tater tots.


2. Add 1/2 ground beef, and 1/2 of the shredded cheese. Start the second layer with less tater tots, 1/2 of the remaining beef, and 1/2 of the remaining cheese. Repeat with the last of the tater tots. Broil in the oven for 4-5 minutes so that the cheese melts.


3. Serve with jalapenos, sour cream, black olives, and salsa. Enjoy!

 #Keto Tater Tot Nachos, or Totchos, are an up and coming delicious food that you have to try! Shared via

This makes 2 total servings of Keto Tater Tot Nachos (AKA Totchos). Each serving comes out to be 637 Calories, 52.5g Fats, 5.5g Net Carbs, and 32.3g Protein.

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