Popular Korean Beauty Products now in a Costco near you

Popular Korean Beauty Products now in a Costco near you

many shoppers head to costco for the low priced cereal or toilet paper available in large quantities. Little do people know about the beauty products aisle. Those who do will know about the impressive selection of cosmetic products available in most Costco stores. Brands like shiseda, Tatcha, Laura Mercier and more have ongoing amazing deals and now Costco has added Korean beauty product – Mizon all-in-one snail cream.

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The year round best seller contains 92% snail extract – yes, that wasn’t a typo. According to dermatologist at Yale school of medicine this slimy goo(not quoting their words) can do wonders for your skin. It contains hyaluronic acid, peptides that plump up the skin making it look colourful and vibrant.

This wonder cream claims to do even much more than this. It says active use of the Mizon snail formula will reduce the fine lines that show aging, wrinkles by encouraging skin renewal.

The company’s website says their cream can be used on oily acne-prone or combination skin types. Those with dry skin can use it but in combination with a deep moisturising cream.

You can grab a 75 milliliter bottle of the snail cream on peaches & lily website or on Amazon for $10. Costco will give you value with 2 packs for just $15.99 so you can gift your wonderful beauty conscious friend or stock up on them for when you treat yourself so you’re not left empty when they run out again.

*This is not a paid promotion, we are not affiliated with peaches and lily or their mizon brand.


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