Psoriasis: All you need to know – A Global Epidermic

Psoriasis according to World Health Organization is a chronic, non-communicable, painful and disabling disease which there is no cure and has great negative impact on patients quality of life.

It affects the skin and causes serious physical, emotional and social burden on the patient. It is characterised by skin lesions, externally, usually localised, symmetrical, sharply demarcated and covered with white or silver scales. This lesions cause itching, redness and sometimes a stinging pain.

Other symptoms include:

Scaling of the skin

Itching, erythema





Psoriasis is a worldwide disease, It affects both men and women of all ages, regardless of ethic orgin ir age. In most developed countries, psoriasis affects between 1.5 and 5% of the population and is prevalent amongst age group 16 – 22 and 50- 69,

Skin psoriasis treatment : There are three methods employed based on severity as at time of treatment.

Topical therapy: This method is used to treat mild psoriasis. Commonly used anti-inflammatory Creams or ointment that contain vitamin D, corticosteroids, e.g hydrocortisone, Anthralin. Topical retinoids can also be used to flatten plagues and reduce skin breakage.

Photo-therapy: This method is used when topical therapy response is weak or insignificant

Systemic Therapy: this involves the use of biological agents such as tablets and injections containing fumaric acid esters, ciclosporin, acitretin,



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