Quick tips to quit smoking

“Smoking is injurious to health”; “Tobacco is injurious to health”… every tobacco containing product has the same warning on its cover. How many of us really read that every time we buy a tobacco containing product. But we keep on our smoking habits and finally get addicted to it.

There could be cases when a doctor would ask you to stop smoking or else you will die, and you say “I will die without smoking”.  Thus we can see first we make smoking our habit and later smoking habit gets converted to addiction. For everyone who smokes should know one big truth that everyone enjoyed smoking continuously at a daily basis faced some problem in their lives.

Smoking is the biggest cause of premature death all over the world.

Side-effects of Smoking:

  • Disease  caused by smoking cigarettes are emphysema, bronchitis,  heart failures
  • Premature death
  • Cancer is the major side effect of smoking
  • Heart attacks and strokes are the quick effects of smoking causing sudden death
  • Some smokers lives end up with limbs amputated
  • Breathing problem or fast breathing is another side effect of smoking
  • Due to more intakes of smokes, carbon mono-oxide goes into your brain and other muscles of the body which leads to swelling of the veins and blockage to the air passage to lungs
  • Carbon monoxide blocks blood vessels which leads to blockage in the flow of blood to different major body organs like heart lungs and thus leads to attacks and deaths
  • During pregnancy smoking is very harmful and leads to premature birth of the infant, spontaneous abortions, low weight of the infant during birth
  • Fat depositions to narrow and blocked blood vessels causing heart attacks
  • In many cases cigarette smoking caused infertility in men

Quick Tips to Quit Smoking:

  • Fix a date i.e. keep a date in mind from when you would not touch a tobacco product to smoke
  • Keep yourself busy and block your mind with work loads or reading books  or watching movies in malls where smoking is not allowed
  • Vanish off the things which reminds you about smoking for example match box, or your favorite lighter, or the pipe you used for smoking, or your favorite jeans and shirt with which you used to enjoy smoking, or the club where you used to do smoking
  • Try to avoid certain people places and incidences where and with whom smoking is a common factor to add on
  • Praise yourself with some token gifts from the money you saved by stopping smoking
  • Anti Smoking teams are there to help you. Join their programs
  • Anti-smoking Gums are there in many medical shops. Try them to quit smoking

Remember once you decide to quit smoking it’s the best decision you would take for yourself and a gift to the people who loves and cares for you.

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