Save money this Valentine’s Day

Save money this Valentine’s Day

You love him or her, but you love saving money, too? Here are a half-dozen ways tech can help you show your love for less, without coming across like a total cheapskate.

Tokens of love

This is a tried and true totally free gift idea, with a twist. Gift your sweetheart some tempting tokens that entitle them to some seriously special treatment from you, but give it an air of authenticity by actually printing out these adorable love coupons. You can save $3 on any one of L’oreal Paris Elvive or Hair expert hair treatment products  or buy 2 and GET 1 Free Right Guard® XTREME™ & Best Dressed Collection™ Antiperspirants and/or Deodorants.There are entire pre-made packs available that includes Home beverages, furniture, a range of pet food and more, or if you have some of your own ideas, just print out these blank tokens and fill them with whatever you want.

A Hollywood production

If you’re a couple who loves to relive your best memories, surprise your darling with a homemade video collage of all your awesome adventures. If you think video editing is complicated and expensive, Kizoa is the way to go. There’s nothing to download or install, just hop into the Kizoa online movie maker, upload your favorite memories in photo or video, add some cute captions and Kizoa will turn it into a nostalgia-rich video that will give your special one goosebumps.

Bling it on

Guys, if you’re here searching for a gift for your bae but can only scrape together enough spare change to buy a McDonald’s value meal, save the quarters and check out Maison Miru’s crystal stud earrings. They’re tiny but tasteful, and go with pretty much anything, but the best part is that as long as you can cover a couple of bucks for shipping ($6.99 to California), they’re completely free. Maison Miru says it would rather spend its marketing budget on giveaways, which is why it’s willing to make your Valentine’s Day shopping so easy. Hey, we’re not complaining!

Sweetheart scavenger hunt

Sharpen your puzzle skills and prepare for lots of laughs, because a Valentine scavenger hunt is just as much fun for you as it is for your significant other. Set it up like a puzzle, with handwritten notes (or even text messages!) leading them from place to place. Clues that bring up memories will be the best, like “Where I spilled the wine on our first date,” or “The first time I held your hand.” Make it as simple or complicated as you want — if you’re really adventurous you can send them around town or keep it basic with each new puzzle clue leading them to a different room of the house. Then, make the last clue lead to the dinner table, where you have a beautiful candle lit dinner waiting and you’ll score some serious points for creativity and thoughtfulness.

Another first date

Every couple has a great story about how their relationship started, so relive it all with a carefully planned recreation of your very first date. Did you see a totally disappointing movie and laugh about how bad it was afterwards? Find it on Netflix or Hulu and catch the giggles all over again. Or, if your first memories were holding hands by a summer campfire and you’d rather not freeze to death in the February cold trying to recreate it, stream a totally virtual fireplace to your TV and share a glass of wine while you remember your first moments as a couple.

Get married all over again

If your wedding day was the happiest day of your life, you can bring those feelings back by doing it all over again — no, I don’t mean spend thousands of dollars on a reception with hundreds of people, I mean renew your vows, and for free! Lots of big cities and even smaller municipalities have group weddings and vow renewals on Valentine’s Day, and most times they even waive the cost of the ceremony! A quick Google search for group weddings in your city or state will let you know if there’s one nearby, like these events in FloridaHawaii, or the granddaddy of them all, the epic vow renewal celebration in Times Square, NYC.


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