Hair Loss due to Stress

Can Stress cause hair loss? When a person is going through emotional stress or anxiety, the body goes into a sort of “flight or fight mode” producing hormones that will attempt to return the body back to normalcy. These hormones  are capable of affecting every normal system function including hair growth. Some abnormalities include: Telogen […]

Hair thinning: What you should know (Pattern hair thinning in Female)

Hair thinning is an issue women often feel embarrassed and left out when it comes to hair fall off because it is quite socially unacceptable to discuss this issues. You could be brushing your hair and notice your hair doesn’t look so full anymore or you could be having a shower and notice your drain […]

Scientists Have Found A New Cure For Baldness

Scientists in South Korea have found a cure for baldness, saving millions of men from the horrors of hair loss. A team at Yonsei University led by Professor Choi Kang Yel created a biochemical injection, called PTD-DBM, which makes an individual’s hair follicles grow back. The scientists created a protein that causes the growth of […]

Best Hair Growth & Hair Loss Treatment Products (That Actually Work!) – 2018 Review

The slender, flexible structure found on the surface of our heads would be the hair. For so long people have been dressing it to look appealing through processes of cutting, cleaning, coloring (or dying), styling, plaiting and arranging it. Men specifically groom their beards and mustaches but what happens when your hair begins to fall […]

Don’t go bald from rapid hair loss

Pattern Baldness? Alopecia or pattern baldness occurs when the gap between the hair strands increase continuously causing hair thinning and low hair density. The hair strands begin to lose thickness becoming weak and prone to damage thereby falling off. Signs of Hair loss in Men Receding hair line Loss of more than 100 hair strands […]


Can a 15x5ml product be the perfect solution for hair loss and hair regrowth? This is why we are going to review the KERASTIM PRO – ANTI HAIR LOSS SCALP TREATMENT,REGROWTH to know if it is.   Click Here To See Customer Reviews Produced by 1st4life in the UK and sold on Amazon, the kerastim […]

Pantogar specific treatment for hair and nails review

The Pantogar – Specific treatment for hair and nails claims to do two things: Perfect treatment for both your hair and your nails. Could this be true? Pantogar is a highly effective hair therapeutic for treatment of female hair loss and hair structure lesions via cellular metabolism, its special combination of amino acids, proteins and vitamin […]

Low Carb Diets causes Hair Loss (keto side effect)

A low carb diet reduces the intake of carbohydrates by eliminating foods like rice, pasta, and bread from your diet. This type of diet can also remove many fruits, whole grains, and vegetables. Depending on the kind of diet selected, you may decide to eat large amounts of protein-rich foods and dairy products to replace the carbohydrate […]