Building muscle on a ketogenic diet

Build muscle on ketogenic diet? If you follow the blog, you should be familiar with answers to ketogenic diet questions. It is basically a high fat, moderate protein and low carb diet with many therapeutic benefits against diseases like cancer, diabetes, and other. According to research, it is also the best diet for fat loss. […]

Alchohol on a keto Diet: What to drink, what to avoid

Alcohol is a calorie dense drink which is not stored by any mechanism in the body. Your body will aim to get rid of this energy so it will start to metabolise this energy before breaking down fat. This means Alcohol slows down Ketone production Now this is not good because alcohol has no nutritional […]

Ketogenic Diet: Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ketosis Ketosis is something that many people do not understand but a very familiar word amongst the paleo community. It’s getting increasingly popular because more and more people as well as athletes (olympic competitors and the like) are realising the numerous health benefits it provides in a very short time. 1. What is […]

Can you build muscle on a Keto Diet

The Effects of an Eight Week Ketogenic Diet vs. a Cyclical Ketogenic Diet on Performance and Testosterone in a Resistance Training Program (Lane, Lowery, Volek, D’Agostino, Wilson, et al., 2015) Introduction: Our lab recently examined the effects of the ketogenic diet (KD) compared to a western diet regarding strength related performance; additionally, free and total testosterone was […]