Top 5 Scalp Massagers

top 5 hair massagers

We’ve been in the market for a scalp massager for a while now because scalp massagers are amazing for increased hair growth and blood flow, not to mention relaxation. A scalp massage is quite different from a Head massage in the sense that Scalp massage focusses primarily on the scalp while the latter will focus on the neck, head, shoulders and back.

we went on amazon and there were so many scalp massagers with conflicting reviews so we went ahead and bought 10 scalp massagers. From the cheap to the quite expensive ones. Hopefully our review can help you save some money and choose the right one that feel great. 

Fittop Electric Scalp Massagerfittop electric scalp massager



  • The individual heads of the Fittop massager are sturdy and comfortable. They provide a very relaxing and invigorating massage.
  • It has a patented technology for it’s water resistant design so it can be used while bathing or taking a shower as a shampoo brush
  • Ergonomic Curve Design – The custom design on the Fittop massager makes it easy to carry around and it’s shape follows the natural contours of the human head allowing for easy manipulation.
  • Price: This massager comes at a very steep price for it’s size. Some may argue it’s build quality warrants the price but considering it’s made to be a portable on-the-go accessory, a few dollars shy from hundred is kind of a let down.
  • The massager is best used on hair while in the shower as it could entangle your hair when used after applying hair products.


Tezam Head Massagerteezam scalp massager

  • Compact claw-like design with ergonomic body.
  • Dual Movement – The fingers provide a deep relaxing feeling through a tapping and shaking motion. Customers say it reaches hard to target muscles on the scalp and on the back.
  • Easy to clean and store
  • Little to no tangling after use
  • Cheap material build. 
  • Loud vibrating noise during operation.
  • Similar to most vibrating massagers, they tend to give your hand a better massage than your scalp. The body vibrates alot 

Ikeepi Scalp Massager


ikeepi scalp massager

  • Great price – As far as electric massagers go, this is by far one of the cheapest you will come across.
  • Portable – It’s size makes it very easy to travel with without worrying about charging cables and more.
  • It’s perfect for other parts of the body such as the wrist and face.
  • Sometimes, vibration doesn’t cut it. It’s long round finger-like claws stimulate the scalp via vibration alone. They would have been so much nicer if the claws could rotate, but unfortunately they dont.
  • Poor ergonomics – It has a long protruding shape that makes it awkward to carry around or use while on the go. Your colleagues at work will definitely ask what the heck you have in your hand vibrating on your face.
  • Lacks power – This device is powered by a couple AAA batteries which does not give it enough vibrating power on the bristles. 

Liba Scalp Massager Tool

liba scalp massager

  • Unlike other manual scalp massagers mentioned here, The Liba Scalp Massager has soft rubber knobs attached to finger-like thongs that glide individually over the scalp giving a euphoric feeling everytime you use it.
  • It rolls over the scalp and does not go deep into the muscle or tissue. Quite relaxing feeling before you sleep or while watching a movie.
  • You get a set of 2 for a relatively cheap price.
  • It’s super light weight and portable 
  • It’s long fingers prevent hair pulling and tangling
  • Customers say the arms are not durable long terms as they tend to stretch out and deform over time.

Silicone Massage Brush
silicone scalp massager

  • A very simple yet versatile massager that does everything it says on the packaging. No charging, no batteries, no wires, no buttons. Simple and foolproof!
  • Soft ABS + Silicone material that can be used on both adults and kids. 
  • Best used with Shampoo or Conditioner for cleaning or applying hair products.
  • Ergonomic design that fits perfectly into the left and right hand. It has uneven bristles that fit the contours of the scalp muscles, relieving stress and improving blood circulation.
  • Soft, squishy bristles does not allow it to go through hair to massage the scalp. 
  • Not suitable for people with curly hair as it tends to tangle hair than massage the scalp.
  • Individuals with hair longer than 1-inch should consider a firmer electric product to avoid breakage.

Denman Be-Bop Massage Brushdenman scalp massager

  • Simple Design
  • Highly versatile for detangling long hair, styling short hair and scrubbing shampoo in the shower
  • Perfect for thick long hair, dermatitis or scalp suffering grease build up. 
  • Stiff/ Hard bristles – It’s a one-piece plastic build which makes the plastic bristles a bit too sharp leading to damage.
  • Poor Handle Design – Most users complain about the handle breaking off


6 Things you need to consider before buying a Scalp massager

1.How much are you willing to spend?

Very important to get your budget sorted before you start browsing for products. Typical price range for scalp massagers is anywhere from $5-150; quite the variation as you can see. Having an idea of how much you wish to spend will allow you to filter out everything over that price.

2. Electric Versus Non-electric

  • Electric scalp massagers generally cost more than their non electric counterparts.
  • Typically, electric scalp massagers use rotating massage heads to stimulate and massage the scalp, whereas non electric scalp msssagers use long tinglers.

3. Some can be used in the shower

Some scalp massagers are waterproof and therefore designed to be used in the shower with shampoo or massage oils. Personally, I prefer my scalp massages in the bathroom/shower, that way I don’t make a mess of my living room!

4. Wet or Dry?

Do you prefer a wet or dry scalp massage? Wet scalp massage is one where you use an oil to supplement the treatment. Dry is a plain massage with no oil. I’ve found electric scalp massagers work better for wet massage.

5. Massage type: What do you prefer?

  • Kneading massage achieved by rotating heads. Usually rotating nodes can be set at different speeds.
  • Vibration massage achieved by battery powered vibrating spikes. Basically works like a vibrating hair brush.
  • Scalp scratching by the use of long spiky tinglers. Not so much a massage, but feels awesome.

6. Portability & travel friendly

Especially important if you plan on carrying the massager on your travels. Tingler are not travel friendly, so avoid them if portability is important to you. Lean towards an electric scalp massager, as they are generally more portable.


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